Rehab4FFs’ SMART Firefighter Prehab and Rehab Trailers are customized to fit your objectives. Platform designs for Fire rehab trailers include:

  • Bumper-pull, Gooseneck or Fifth wheel
  • Roll-off or Shipping Container (Connex)
  • Commercial Chassis (walk-in/heavy rescue)


CLIMATE CHAMBER(TM) – Enclosed room capable of sustained temperatures from sub-freezing to over 100°F, despite harsh outside conditions. It’s equipped with bench seating, dry-erase walls, oxygen, LED lighting, and charging options. The versatility of the Climate Chamber(TM), lends itself to many applications, ensuring personnel are cooled (or heated), fueled, prepared and monitored.
Benefits: Because physiological and psychological stress are reduced, personnel are advantaged, injury/illness is reduced, and performance is optimized.

DECON SHOWER / EYE-WASH – One in three firefighters are diagnosed with cancer. Initial cancer claim costs are as much as $250k. Our decon shower and three-step process are simple and effective.
Benefits: Basic decon, done properly, reduces carcinogen exposures as much as 90%.

RESTROOM(S) – Waste elimination is a natural bodily function. When someone gets the urge, it can be stressful and distracting if a solution isn’t available. Relief in an alley or behind a dumpster or bushes, is unlawful and unsanitary.
Benefits: Providing a safe and secure restroom ensures privacy and preserves dignity. It avoids embarrassment and potential lawsuits.

KITCHEN – Electrolyte/Water and Calorie Replacement are a requirement of NFPA 1584. OSHA mandates handwashing prior to calorie consumption. Our kitchen goes beyond — providing a sink with hot and cold water, coffee maker, and microwave.
Benefits: Proper replenishment and nourishment ensures personnel performance and safety.

CASCADE / FILL-STATION – SCBA cylinders are used on many incident types.
Benefits: Additional SCBA cylinders and the ability to refill others, supports operations and expands capabilities.

LED LIGHTING – A roof-mounted, fold-down light tower provides up to 140,000 lumens of scene light. Additionally, energy-efficient LED lights inside and out, provide crisp, clean illumination.
Benefits: Illuminated work areas improve visibility and reduce hazards.

POWER SUPPLY – A 10kW diesel generator and a bank of 12-volt batteries power SMART Trailer.
Benefits: Inside and out, 110W/12v/USB powers appliances and charges batteries.

POWER AWNINGS – Personnel need shade when rehabilitating or on stand-by. Power awnings deploy quickly, on either or both sides of the SMART Trailer, ensuring they’re covered. Escape from the elements is a requirement of NFPA 1584.
Benefits: Shaded areas can be as much as 10°F cooler, which will keep responders cooler and less stressed.

OBSERVATION PLATFORM SMART provides an elevated vantage point that can double as a Landing Zone (LZ) for rapid deployment of UAV/UAS/Drone operations.
Benefits: Eyes-on from an elevated position means you see more, farther.

STORAGESMART offers compartment space, inside and out, for supplies, equipment, and gear.
Benefits: Compartment space is always welcomed.


RAPID DEPLOYMENTSMART Trailer sets up in under three minutes.

SINGLE FOOTPRINT – Compared to multiple units which require more space, arrive at different times and locations.

FORCE-MULTIPLIER – Multiple unit response requires multiple personnel, and coordination.

“ONE-STOP-SHOP” – Provides logistical support, as well as needs and concerns of personnel.

NFPA COMPLIANCE – Firefighter Rehab and Accountability

VERSATILITY – A true multi-mission platform, SMART Trailer can be used for just about any operation, in any condition, on any terrain…

SMART SPENDING – Cost and maintenance are less for one SMART Trailer than the multiple units combined to provide similar features and functions.

RISK MANAGEMENT – Prevent cancer, injury/illness, and lawsuits, through prevention, proper decon, and comprehensive prehab and rehab.