• Refuge from the elements
  • Dynamic Cooling/Warming of Personnel
  • Oxygen Bar
  • Air-fill Station (SCBAs) and Cylinder Storage
  • Elevated Observation Platform
  • LED-Illuminated/Dry Erase Interior Walls
  • Hydration and Nutrients
  • Restrooms
  • Decon Shower
  • Battery Chargers and Cache (Radio, TIC, Flashlights)
  • WiFi – Bluetooth Compatible
  • 12v/120v/USB


  • Pre-Hab/Rehab
  • Incident Command Post
  • Special Ops/Black Ops
  • MCI and Disaster
  • Extended Ops
  • Public Relations
  • Wildland Firefighting

This trailer was built for St. Johns County Fire Rescue, a young, progressive department on the cutting edge. They provide the highest level of services and protection to its community and its employees – the SMART Trailer is another example.


Our SMART Trailers are custom built for your needs and capable of self-sustained operational support for over 24 hours. We offer a bumper-pull, gooseneck/fifth wheel, or a truck chassis designed platform in three sizes: 20′, 24′, and 28′. As a custom shop, fabrication is our speciality – if you can dream it – we can build it.

Equipped with remote-controlled, self-leveling hydraulic jacks/stabilizers, the SMART Trailer may detach from the tow vehicle for deployment on extended operations.


Each SMART Trailer is equipped with a generator and enough fuel capacity to support 24-hours of operation or more.

Both sides of the SMART Trailer are equipped with adjustable power awnings, LED strip lighting, and power outlets.

The Mechanical Room, climate-controlled, is home to the Control Center, Fill-Station, SCBA storage and the O2 cylinders.

The SMART Trailer offers one or two climate-controlled restrooms, including a sink with hot and cold water and easy access to plumbing.

A decon shower is available with hot and cold water, drop-down curtains, and diamond-plate shelving.

Below, are two useful cargo/storage areas with rubberized flooring and lockable roll-up doors.


Our stowable aluminum ladder leads to the Observation Platform on the roof, where the IC or others enjoy an elevated vantage point.

The rear door, covered with a smooth but durable surface, serves as a ramp.

On opposing corners, LED scene lights telescope and rotate 360-degrees to light up the area.


Our slide-out kitchen offers a stainless steel sink, complete with hot and cold water (required by OSHA), a microwave, coffee-maker, and power outlets.

The large roll-up doors provide access to the horizontally-stored SCBA-cylinders and landing pads.


Our Climate Chamber is the heart of the SMART Trailer. It’s where the magic happens – the paradigm of PRE-Hab/RE-Hab. It’s here, before entering harm’s way, personnel are pre-cooled, pre-hydrated, pre-oxygenated, briefed, and baselines, established.

Upon return from action, personnel and their equipment are completely and comprehensively RE-Hab’d. They are re-assessed, cooled, hydrated, oxygenated, and fed; meanwhile, air cylinders, batteries from radios, flashlights, and TIC’s are refilled, recharged, or replaced.

The Climate Chamber has LED Lighting, 12v/120v/USB ports, and plenty of cabinet space for beverages, nutritional replacements, or other equipment.

Smooth surfaces and rubberized flooring make sanitation a breeze. Cargo is secured safely with E-tracks, installed in the floor.